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I just watched something like three hours of Battlestar Galactica. The one thing that sticks out the most to me is just how much I hate the fake swear they use. “Frak” is such a stupid word. Curse, bleep, or don’t do anything. But don’t make up stupid sounding fake swears. Nothing makes dialog sound worse.

Otherwise this season isn’t bad so far. And I’m almost caught up.

Everyone else is writing about the ending of “The Sopranos”, and so am I. On the off chance someone reads this who watches the show but hasn’t seen the last episode, please STOP READING NOW. As a long time TiVo fan, I understand that sometime people are a bit behind on their TV shows.

I was disappointed by the ending. In a sense that wasn’t much of a surprise since I thought the second to last season was terrible, and this past season, while better than the one before it, wasn’t great. But it was still a little disappointing since the Sopranos was a really good show at one time.

There seem to be four different ways TV shows can end. Some shows just disappear, cancelled in between seasons with no chance for closure or goodbye. Some shows have a cliffhanger with the hopes that they will return next season and never do. Sometimes show try to go out with a bang. They have something major happen. This was the case with the ending for “Seinfeld” (a show pretty much everyone but me liked). They had something big and crazy happen, and everyone hated it. “Mad About You” and “King of Queens” didn’t do much better in that regard (although “King of Queens” did try to set things back to normal a bit). Finally, a show can end by trying to show that things are basically the same as they were before, and we just don’t get to look in any more. “Cheers” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” both did this and at least in the case of “Cheers”, it was the prototype of how to properly end a long running and much loved show.

For “The Sopranos”, David Chase seemed to want to have it both ways. He threw in lots of big things (killing a lot of major characters over the last few episodes), talk of serious legal trouble for Tony, and so on. But he also ended it with the family having dinner together (at a diner which seems odd since I think there may have been a restaurant that featured pretty heavily in the show). Except that wasn’t enough. No, he also had to draw the scene out, keep showing supposedly suspicious people walking in and having Meadow take forever in a terrible attempt at parallel parking (something which I completely sympathize with). I think all this was some amateurish attempt at building drama and tension (someone should think about renting some Hitchcock movies to learn a bit). The cut to black at the end just made me think my TiVo messed up recording, it certainly did not make me think that Tony died as some people did.

I also HATE Journey. Is there a worse song they could end a show with?

I guess I would have been happy if something major had happened or if nothing had happened and it looked like things just went on. But trying to have both just seemed like a cop-out. Which for a show like this is a real shame.