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Category Archives: school

I meant to post something about my thesis defense on last Thursday (May 15th). I’ve got some pictures from it up. I realize everyone else posts pictures to Picasa or Facebook or something like that, but I’m going to be stubborn and stick with my own thing.

I’ve still got some revisions to do, but other than that, I am all finished with school (after roughly a quarter of a century in school). I guess I don’t 100% count as a Dr. until after those are in, but I’ll get the revisions done early next week. The past two days I’ve been too busy catching up with things on the TiVo and playing Smash Bros. on the Wii.

When the revisions are done and I figure out how to attach the cover page without breaking the rest of the pdf, I’ll put a link to my dissertation up. Mostly because the cover is pretty since I know that with my committee it probably already saw all the readers it ever will.

Hard to make out in the picture, but that is a copy of my dissertation, nicely printed and bound at Kinko’s. It looked so good I decided I needed a picture of it. Only took two trips to Kinko’s for them to get it right (and something like $30 per copy), but I’m happy with the results.

It is now (as of yesterday actually) with my committee and I have 13 days to prepare for the defense. Preparing talks is kind of fun, so I’m at least not dreading the preparing part (but the defense itself is a slightly different story).

I made my first commits to the cvs directory where my dissertation will be kept today. Mostly just dumping previously written material that eventually needs to go together in one place (it doesn’t even LaTeX yet since it is just fragments of LaTeX files), but this is a start.

I should be happy about this, but it just reminds me of the nagging fact that now I actually have to work on my dissertation.