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Monthly Archives: March 2010

I haven’t posted any code in way too long.

I hope to write more about org-mode real soon since I am very impressed with it (and it is nice to take care of one of my more important computing tasks (todo lists) in emacs) but for now, here is the blurb about this python code from my download page. I realize I could probably do this using emacs lisp, but I’m a bit (or more than a bit) better with python than with lisp.

I depend on my todo lists pretty heavily. At one point I used the
palm todo list (and jpilot for syncing on my computer). Eventually
I switched to Apple’s iCal (I could never get Mozilla Sunbird to
work reliably enough). This was kind of annoying since I’m not
really a fully time Mac user (I still prefer GNU/Linux or at least
UNIX cmd line stuff). For some things (grad school and work) I used
some perl/LaTeX thing which is a bit cumbersome. So I was pretty
excited by Emacs org-mode. I wrote some python to convert my ical
files to emacs org-mode. I tried to make it general enough that the
todo class would be a good start for a python-ical interface. If I
feel motivated, it should be fairly easy to expand this into something
more. For now, it is just to get iCal todo items into a python data
structure and can write it to orgmode todo items.