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Monthly Archives: October 2007

I’m a little concerned that the battery in my 12 inch powerbook is no longer working very well. This is my second battery so it isn’t even that old (the first one was replaced in a recall). I understand and expect the general loss of capacity. But the times reported both for charging and time left make no sense any more. And even worse, the plug it self (which glows orange for charging and green for charged) doesn’t seem to make sense. I can understand software being screwy about reading battery levels, but the plug glows even when the computer is turned off, so this seems to live in the hardware realm.

This would all be less troubling except that with upcoming painting and other work in my office, plus some traveling next month, I’m sort of going to have to rely on this laptop more than usual. I guess to a computer, this would be the ideal time for problems.

And I do not want to get started on my cell phone issues right now.