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I’ve been going through old photos to scan so we can print some out to use for my grandpa’s wake tomorrow. I may write something about that or about him later (as in after the funeral on Tuesday), but this is actually about old pictures.

I came across some pictures of a Halloween from more than two decades ago. In it, I am wearing one of the plastic costumes from the 80s complete with the plastic mask.

And it is an Ewok costume (which I will not be providing pictures of).

I guess I sort of assumed I always knew the Ewoks were a pretty poor addition to Star Wars. I mean they were damned muppets.

Apparently, that was not the case. And if I can extrapolate from this to a general principle:

You probably think you were cooler in the past than you really were.

And even worse, you will probably never be that cool again (although I don’t have any evidence for that right now).