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I just signed up for facebook last week. Mostly because I thought it was cool that I got an invite that came by AIM which sort of impressed me compared to the way myspace works.

I know I’m a bit late coming to facebook, but I thought it was sort of funny that this week (just one week after I signed up), facebook was on the cover of Newsweek. So does this mean that facebook is still popular, or does it mean that it has now permanently descended into uncool? And what does it say that I just joined right before this?

I do have to say that I like myspace better (and I do not use myspace very much) because every damned page doesn’t look exactly the same and I like the presence of bands and authors and the like. That being said, it is amazing how much better facebook works. Myspace may be the slowest web interface I’ve seen in years. Not to mention the unbelievable number of times certain pages will just return errors instead of loading. I could not believe how much smoother facebook worked. Too bad it is way more boring.

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  1. Can’t source this, but seem to recall reading/hearing lately that there’s a pretty clear class/socio-economic split w/r/t facebook v myspace, almost an “officers” v “enlisted” level of separation. I’ll leave it unsaid which is alleged to be which.


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