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I keep some really strange backups….

I was looking for an older file. Nothing terribly important, but if I could find it the electronic copy, I could get rid of some old transparencies from talks for classes. Finding it was made harder by the fact that while I tend to backup very well, it is only in the last few years that I learned to label well.

For the record, “Backup stuff N”, where N is a number between one and five is a terrible way to label CD backups.

I did find the file. Along with it, I found a bunch of other files that I can’t imagine why I felt the need to save. The most interesting were the setup files for Netscape Gold, Internet Explorer 4.0, and telent. Ignoring that fact that I used telent then (everyone was doing it in those days), I didn’t even remember that there was a time when Windows (probably 95 based on when this is from) didn’t come with telent.

Even funnier, these backup were on CD. I know I didn’t have access to a CD burner until the middle days of Windows 98. So by that time, why would I possibly think that I would need the install files for Netscape Navigator Gold. Or Internet Explorer 4.0?