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Monthly Archives: March 2007

A few weeks ago, the clock on my 2002 Subaru Forester stopped working. It would usually show a blank screen, but would occasionally turn back on (usually with the correct time). Based on previous experience with Subaru and things I’ve read online, it seemed liked that this would not be under my warranty (they once said that the metal cover to gas cap was “not part of the car” and therefore was not under warranty) and would be very expensive to fix.

So, with a a lot of help from Beth’s father, we fixed it ourselves. I had trouble finding anything about this online, so I’m going to put up some pictures of what we did. Since most of the Subaru is held together by flimsy plastic tabs that break very easily and since soldering is involved, do this at your own risk.

First, you have to get the clock face out of the car. I can’t provide much advice other than do it carefully and use some flat too like a flat head screwdriver. Once that is done, unplug the clock from the car.

Now that the clock has been removed, you need to get the clock part out of the plastic housing. Once again, this involved little plastic tabs that break easily. Things still hold together even with one or two of them broken.

Here are pictures of the two plastic pieces that come off the clock:

Circled in red is the resistor that wasn’t connected well. Just solder it back on (luckily Beth’s dad is better with a soldering iron than I am), but everything back together, and it works again,

And finally, here it is put back together and in the car:

As my more or less successful attempts at brewing show, I have a certain interest in micro-brews. I don’t think that makes me too much of a snob, but damn, this Pete’s Wicked Wanderlust Cream Ale is absolutely terrible. I’m talking Genny Cream Ale bad.

This is very surprising coming from Pete’s Wicked.