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Monthly Archives: January 2007

A vacuum that moves by itself and a cat seem like things that just naturally go together. But apparently, Hades doesn’t quite agree.

The funny thing is, the cat actually seems less scared of the Roomba the he is of a normal vacuum. I don’t think he’ll ever get close to it than about a foot, but he won’t even be in the same room a a normal vacuum. I think it has something to do with the electrical cord (although I have no idea why the cat would have a problem with that).

The end result is that it looks like the cat and the Roomba can coexist. I”m not sure how good a vacuum it is yet. It does not handle bird seed very well, and yet somehow it was able to suck up a toy mouse. Odd.

The best thing about New Year’s day is definitely watching The Twilight Zone all day (and eating some leftover turkey).