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My desktop at school (thales) died on Tuesday. So my website and pretty much everything has been inaccesible for about a week. I finally found some disk space to put my backups of the webpage and my cvsroot directory so I can at least get some work done.

This makes me very happy that I have backups that run automatically as a cron job every night. If you don’t make regular backup, let this be a reminder that you really really should.

I do have lots of data that I’m not able to backup due to disk space and network limitations. So I really hope the processor died and not the disk. I’m hopefully since the last time a processor on thales failed it behaved the same way. Of course since one processor already failed a year or so ago if a processor failed, that would bring my formally dual processor desktop down to a zero processor machine which will not do me much good. But it would be better than losing a two or three hundred gigs of data.


  1. My backup plan used to consist of making a backup every time I heard about someone losing data or requiring a backup.

    Now I have a 500GB USB drive sitting on top of my computer at work. The sole purpose of this drive is to backup my computer. It’s nice not having to think about it. Of course, it’s not disaster proof. A building fire or water leak could easily damage both the main and backup drives.

    I also use unison to synchronize my most important data as well as data that I want to be able to access anywhere. U-M gives everyone a GB of space with a web UI for access, which is very convenient if you want to get that one plot that shows everything. I really like unison, too.

  2. I’ve had a bookmark to the unison webpage for a really long time with the intent to look at it. Maybe I’ll actually check it out.

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